I can't Update Unity through help>Check for updates. How to Update?

I currently have Unity 5.1.1 and would like to update to the newest update available but when I click Help> Check for Updates it says I am up to date, even though I know I am not. I would also like to know if there is a way to update unity without uninstalling my current version and then reinstalling the newest version. Help!!!

I have the same problem. If I use the Check For Updates function in the Help menu, then Unity tells me that the editor is up to date with version 5.5.1f1, while my colleague has 5.5.2f1 already.

His Unity upgraded to the latest version via Unity itself, mine didn’t. Maybe because he has the Pro version and I have the free one?

It’s a bit of a miss to not have the update via Unity itself, but giving false feedback that the version is up to date while it is not is definitely an error!

They emphasise that it’s very important that the Unity versions of all project members are the same to use the Collab tool, but the functionality to check this version is broken. So please fix this!