I can't use Unity!

This has nothing to do with any javascript or something like that. Remember when you first opened Unity on your computer, you would need to go through a few things first to use it. One of those things is the Questionnaire thingy you have to answer. Well my problem is I can’t scroll through the “Country of Residence” dropdown. (see attached screenshot below if you’re confused) I can’t even click the countries starting with “A”.

I’m using the latest version of Unity 5 on a Mac and I couldn’t use if I don’t answer all the questions in the Questionnaire. Please help me please

Try reinstalling Unity 5… The Unity installer is very buggy and has been known to mess up the actual applications, but not always.

I’m not sure what the equivelent is on Mac but if you open the equivelent of task manager, make sure all instances of Unity or anything that could be to do with unity (even the web player) is terminated. Then, reconnect to your internet. Try opening unity and if that doesn’t work, restart your Mac. After opening, if it still seems to not work, you could then try reinstalling unity.

That’s all I got but something like this happened to me a while ago. Also, my friend, for some reason, had to reinstall Unity everytime he wanted to use it. ;D It was something to do with where he installed it though.

Good Luck!

-Lyes Oussaiden

What you have to do is click on the drop down menu and use your arrow keys instead of your mouse. Hopefully I helped :slight_smile: