I consider creating a game in Unity. Is the following possible..?

I have plans on creating a 3D game in Unity and my experience so far is 2D games in Game Maker. However, I’m not sure Unity can meet my “requirements” or if this is even doable so I would be happy if you could enlighten me! My game idea:

  • Single player game. Gladiator duel theme, you control a warrior and you fight another warrior.
  • Camera view like GTA/The Witcher
  • Complex model animation and movement. If opponent blocks my sword with his shield, the sword will stop its movement. The shield may shatter or be dropped. Depending on if the enemy gets hit from the back, side or front it will have a different get hit-reaction. No “standard” attack animation, the attack will look different depending on distance to opponent, angle, type of weapon being used etc.

With this level of animation detail, is it still doable or is it rather “don’t even try…”? My thought was to code all movement/actions for a “skeleton” and then use this “skeleton” for all my characters, just apply different skins and perhaps tweak it a bit when needed. Any thoughts about this game idea? Thankful for any input!

  • Yes. Can’t think of any popular game engine not capable of this.
  • Yes. If the basic camera controls won’t suffice you can program whatever you like.
  • Yes. Mecanim in Unity can be used to handle complex character animations. It includes retargeting where you reuse animations on several characters.