I deleted my character

when i got it back he couldn’t move,what can i do?
I have another problem,the script error:Type exepected Here is the script:

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;

public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour {

 public float moveSpeed;
 private Animator anim;
 private bool playerMoving;
 private Vector2 lastMove;
 // Start is called before the first frame update
 void Start()  {
     anim = GetComponent<Animator>();
 // Update is called once per frame
 void Update() {
     playerMoving = false;
     if(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") > 0.5f || Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") < -0.5f )
         transform.Translate (new Vector3 (Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0f , 0f));
         playerMoving = true;
         lastMove = new Vector2 (Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"), 0f);
     if(Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical") > 0.5f || Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical") < -0.5f )
         transform.Translate (new Vector3 (0f,Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical") * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0f));
         playerMoving = true;
         lastMove = new Vector2(0f, Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"));
     anim.SetFloat("MoveX", Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"));
     anim.SetFloat("MoveY", Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"));
             anim.SetBool("PlayerMoving", playerMoving);
             anim.SetFloat ("LastMoveX", lastMove.x);
             anim.SetFloat ("LastMoveY", lastMove.y);

Did you use Destroy on the character’s GameObject?