I did not receive my Unity Student plan serial key even after I was approved of Student plan

I’ve seen similar posts like this. Is Unity not trying to fix this? I’ve waited for one day but still nothing.

Hey man. I found the answer!!
You will have to assign a seat to yourself.
I’ve folowed this instructions and it worked!!


me too i have sent two requests but didn’t receive an answer

Me too!

First I could not confirm my unity ID (“link is not valid anymore”), and now I do not received the serail key. Very Annoying! It is 2020 already…

Me too!!
I was approved two days ago. But until now I did not received any email with serial key. Just an email with a Student Asset Pack link…
Very annoying… I sent an email to Unity requesting further information about it.

I was granted it via email. They gave me a free year of unity pro that I could access with a code. Did you check your email?

Hey, @ilushaaa can you check the comments in the following link: Introducing the Unity Student plan: Start creating like a pro | Unity Blog (be sure to see comments). I provided homework help for college students via online tools, a standard issue homework help for college students. I hope the link above will close all your needs because usually, this link helps. Feel free to write about how it went, if it worked for you or not, cause it will also be helpful for other members of the community.

or maybe send an email to support just in case, then.
Hope that helps.