I do really need help with my game

Hi, I’m Candy. I am a beginner to develop a game using Unity and I got some problems with my game.

I am making a 3D Maze Ball mobile game. But i got some problems with my Game Level.
I’m making 1 level with 4 different Maze environment.[shown as the image that i attached here].
I need to make the player need to choose just one maze environment to play. For example, if i select the “Save Me 01?” [shown as the picture] maze environment it will play on that environment.

** 1 level with 4 different maze environment.
** Whatever the player choose it will play in that environment.
** 1 scene

Is there anyone that could help me to teach me how do i make it? Thank you very much.

The best way to do this is with multiple scenes that you load additively with SceneManager.LoadScene(). A lot of people like to use the ‘One Level = One Scene’ analogy for its simplicity, but it’s actually blatantly false.

A Scene is just a collection of objects and settings that can be treated as a coherent group.

I’m actually working on a project right now that is one giant environment, but which is split up into hundreds of scenes due to its size. This is possible for you to do as well. You can create one master ‘Save Me’ scene that contains everything that all of its submazes would need (kill collider, directional light, player, camera, etc), and then load in ‘Save Me 01’, ‘Save Me 02’, etc Additively as needed (this will add the scene’s objects rather than replacing them). With this method it is also possible to do things like make smart transitions between environments, since you can load and unload individual chunks of the entire level.

One other thing:

I understand you’re new, but keep in mind that Unity Answers is not the right place to request people to create tutorials or write code. Code is given often to aid in understanding, but Unity Answers is not the right place to go if you are looking for collaborators. Your title is also vague.

Try to be sure that your questions are clear and specific, and remember that we’re all happy to help, but nobody will write your game for you.

With that, I wish you the best, and good luck on your game!