i dont know my graphics card is obsolete ?

i am beginner in unity . this message appears in my computer.

i don’t know what happened.

maybe my graphic card is obsolete ?

The first thing you should give out is the information related to your PC.
What GPU is it running?
What is the VRAM and RAM capacity?

The OS (Operation System) is clearly Windows 7.

Is there any kind of warning in any of your Antivirus programs? There seem to be 2 antivirus installed at once : Avira & McAfee Security. Are they both running at the same time? If McAfee is just there and you run it manually, it’s not much of a problem, but if both runs at the same time, it might cause issues where one detect the other as a treat and force treads to be stopped in some softwares.

Nobody can help this case without more information, regardless of your experience with Unity.