I don't really know what the question is here...

Hey, I just added a shop feature to my game, before I start work on powerups etc. I’m just trying something simple. I want players to be able to change the color of their character. Here are the conditions on that, the shop is in a complete different scene to the level and main scene, so a player opens the game, chooses the shop from the main menu, that then loads the shop scene, when they have chose their color they then go back to the main menu scene, and hit play which will then load the level 1 scene, the only problem is it won’t change the color… To make this short and quick, the player “Opens the game > selects the shop opening a new scene > selecting a color > going back to the main menu scene > hitting play opening the level 1 scene” and what would you know it doesn’t show, so how can I get this to work? I know this was a hard to follow question and I’m not the best at explaining so anything you need clarifying let me know! Thanks…

So I think a good way to change color is either changing the color of the material or changing to a different material. Here is an example:

//We are just buying the skin so we can just set a bool up:
hasRedSkin = true;

Then all you need is a if statement I guess something like:

bool hasRedSkin;
//You can set new mat 
public Material newMat;

//or set it as a new color
public Color newColor = Color.red;
if (hasRedSkin) {
GetComponent<Renderer>().material = newMat;

//or this:
GetComponent<Renderer>().material.color = newColor;