I don't see the download project button

I just installed the hub and i am trying to download a couple of projects. But i don’t see the download button, only the view tutorials button. Did i forget to install something?

I installed 2020.1.2f1 and 2019.4.8f1

maybe you need to be login? if you cant download them try download from here https://learn.unity.com/projects

Thank you for the answer, unfortunatly did work. I uninstalled the hub and unity and reinstalled it, only i installed unity 2019 first and now i see the download button.

I’m a new user as of today and had the same problem. Was following Get Started with the Creator Kit: FPS

Downloaded Unity Hub v 2.4.2
Downloaded the recommended Unity 2019.4.13f1

Logged into my account and there was no download button, same as your screenshot.

Uninstalled both, reinstalled the exact same versions and the download button appeared. Very strange bug.

Note that however I was prompted that I needed a different unity version to do this tutorial
alt text
So I downloaded the project first by clicking the button and when it was done I was prompted in the same window to download 2020.1.11f1
alt text
I would also like to note that when I clicked open project, it gave me an error because I didn’t have a license
And NOWHERE in the first step of the tutorial on downloading the hub, and getting the project does it walk a new user through how to get a license.

The instructions to download Unity Personal clicks through to downloading Unity Hub.exe when realistically this page should be a walk-through on how to get the Unity Personal license INSIDE Unity Hub. For a brand new user who has no idea this was so confusing and I didn’t understand what the differences between Unity, Unity Hub, and Unity Personal even were. Had to go onto youtube to have someone explain the absolute basics of how they all interact.