I downloaded unity to play games that require unity, why cant i play tthem after i downloaded it?

i went on kongregate to play some games, i have unity 3d, it now says i cant play them anymore

Chrome disabled the plugin, i’m pretty sure you heard of that. You need to manually turn on the NPAPI plugin.

If you are using Google Chrome, type “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” in the address bar and click Enable for that setting, then restart Chrome. I tried this with the latest version of Chrome and it works for me.

If you downloaded the Unity Editor, you can’t PLAY other Unity web games with it. You need to download & install the Webplayer here: Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D, VR & AR Engine

Are you using Google Chrome?

PSA: Unity Player is no longer compatible with Chrome

As of Chrome 42 (released April 14th), Unity Player, Java, and Silverlight games will no longer work in Chrome (i.e. NPAPI plugins). There is a clumsy user workaround, but you might seriously want to take a look at the HTML5 export found in Unity 5 instead.

To make gamed you need the unity editor but to play them you need the Web player.