I fixed "$$anonymous$$" on answers.unity.com ... here's how!

No more $$anonymous$$ ... and it wasn't even that hard! I think Unity should publish an official browser extension. :smile:
But until then, read below for instructions ...

I have only tested this with Chrome but should be possible in any browser that supports extensions.

  • install Word Replacer extension
  • in its settings, click the New link (highlighted) and enter the following:
  • 8841808--1204786--upload_2023-2-28_17-33-16.png

  • Open or refresh any answers.unity.com page. Unfortunately, the H is upper-cased at least for me but definitely more readable than before.

You may want to limit the extension to just answers.unity.com by going to the extension's details page and limit "Site access" so it looks like this:

Looks like during transfer to new https://discussions.unity.com/, they finally fixed the bad strings!

EDIT: According to https://discussions.unity.com/t/806585 page-4 this was done before the transfer, and brutally replacing instances with "hi" instead of doing the smart replacement that we know we could do (since clicking edit comment > confirm did the trick)... Too bad, as it made some posts mentioning the issue meaningless. But the vast majority should be okay.