I got a major question

Im getting these errors. I need help, i've tried the other helps but i cant understand them. I need someone to pretty much talk to me like im 3 so i can understand this. Reading these huge pages with technical terms with loops and circles on what to do are confusing me. So if anyone can just give me a straight forward answer that would be SO VERY HELPFUL. Heres some of the errors:

Assets/Scripts/enemies/turret/Turret.js(263,28): BCE0019: 'GenerateDecal' is not a member of 'Turret'.

Assets/Scripts/weapons/Gun.js(411,43): BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'HitType'.

They are errors like that.

it's hard to say without any code but usually I get those errors when I haven't definded them properly. "HitType" was probably a variable in an example script? You just don't have anything in the script that is HitType. You'll need something like HitType= whatever you want.

For the Turret I'm not really sure without seeing some code.