I GOT SERIOUS PROBLEM Everything is deleted Please Help Me !!

**I try to import package and i got error i reset Unity and after i launch everything is deleted everything. only i what a got is new scene with main camera nothing more nothing less please help me ! ** all my assets are deleted all my scenes but momory of my game still the same 7.90GB i really dont know what is the problem… :(((
alt text

Take it easy dude.

First of all, when you delete Unity and reinstall it chances are it will have wiped the previously opened projects. If you navigate to the directory where your project is most of your assets should still be there.

Secondly, you want to keep some kind of backup or versioning of all your code. This is simply good practice. I would recommend something like GIT or SVN.

Also, it is difficult to understand what you are saying with so many spelling and grammatical errors, take your time when posting your question next time or no one will be able to help you.