I have a C# UWP application that uses the AudioGraph API


I write a application by UWP and using AudioGraph API. But I have a issue as per below:

As you know, Garbage Collection will execute to recall memory and it will suspended all other thread so GC will pause AudioGraph thread and it make a GAP sound and I already try to search a solution on internet and I found a workaround for that. c# - UWP AudioGraph : Garbage Collector causes clicks in the audio output - Stack Overflow

Once I apply the workaround above so it can solve GAP sound but my application will get a issue again after 24 hours: If I let my application run over 1 night (more than 24 hours) then my application will get this issue again.

Who have a solution for that or any advices please let me know. I really thanks so much

Thanks and Best Regards

I’m not too familiar with the AudioGraph API. In general though, you will want to use incremental GC in Unity, to avoid pauses like this. Is incremental GC enabled for this project?