I have a few questions(Newbie here)

So yeah,I’m new to Android App Development and 3D Game Dev.

My team and I have this project that needs to be done in 3D. It’s a Digital Map of our campus with basic functions like SEARCH,How To Get There(Specific instructions) etc.
The feature that Unity3D would help us create for our app is the Free Roam function wherein we would like the users have a first person view of the whole campus like in an FPS game where they could see the campus like walking around it.

So we’ve searched for 3d software that would work well in Android and Unity3D is the most recommended.

Now here are my questions:

  1. Unity3D is a 3D rendering software which can build output files as a .APK right?
    Does that mean I can create the whole app in Unity3D?
    If yes, how can I see the source code? Is there a code editor in Unity3D?

  2. If I decided to create only models and animations in Unity3D how can I use them in my android app? for example,I create an android app wherein I type in a building name,and the Unity3D model of that building will be displayed. How can I achieve this? Can you give me some links for tutorials?

  3. Are SCENES in Unity3D considered the same as an ACTIVITY in Android Apps?
    If yes, then I can create a Scene which I will use as a splash activity then another scene containing the other parts of the app?

I don’t know if I posted this in the right section. I’m new here in the forums as well. And if this is the wrong Section, I’m deeply sorry for posting it here.

And I’m thanking in advance for those who will answer my questions.
Good day to everyone!

The quick answers to your questions …

(1) Unity does NOT happen to include a text editor. Use any text editor. I recommend textWrangler.

(2) Unity IS NOT a model making program. you are thinking of Maya or Cheetah3D. I recommend Cheetah3D

Again, Unity is a “game engine”. You can and should read what a “game engine” is on Google, Unity is ot a model maker.

It would be like confusing photoshop with a swimming pool. They are quite different.

If you’re interested in modelmaking, buy Cheetah3D and enjoy a couple years learning to make models, awesome.

Professional who use Unity3D – game engineers – simply BUY models from model-makers. It’s exactly like buying music from a musician, do you understand?

Model-makers are cool guys and girls with long hair who drink beer and who make models. Those people make models using softwae called “Maya” or “Cheetah3D”. That process has no connection at all to a game engine, or being a game engineer - writing code and so on for games. Game enginers USING models (which they buy from a model-maker) in a game engine. Similarly game engineers USE music which they buy from people like Sting.

Makes sense now?

Every person on this here list has now explained this about 1000 times to new questioners :slight_smile:

(3) (a) Forget about android and make normal iPad apps. Just joking. (b) “Activity” etc is totally irrelevant. (c) Yes in unity, your intro could well be what is called a “Scene” in Unity.

(4) What you describe in your second paragraph is exactly and precisely what you do in Unity.

I have to alert you you are a long way from “throwing that together.”

Suggest you actually GET UNITY – IT IS FREE – and start reading tutorials.

If you have any further simple questions, post them here as separate questions, phrase them succinctly.

I am sure people do not MIND answering basic questions but you will learn much more by clicking the download button.

Also note that Unity for Android is not free of charge. It will cost you $400 to get the Android plugin.

Note that they are student licence available at Studica. But I don’t see here licence for iOS or Android. Maybe you can contact Unity sales for your particular needs.

Thank you for the answers. About the Plugin,we are aware that it’s not for free so maybe we will contact unity for that. :slight_smile: Thanks again! :slight_smile: