I have a model character of terrorist how can in make to animated and come near to the player and attack

I made a FPS game in which recently the zombies are enemy but we decided to change the theme now the enemy are terrorist so how can i made the character model of terrorist and put there animation which require in the model . the terrorist have weapon is knife and perform a melee attack to the player player position is fixed the enemy had to go the player position and attack on the player then player die

problem is that how i make character and put the animation on it like run, hide…idle please help

You question is really vague so it’s hard to give a specific answer. Here’s a short overview how to crate an animated character.

inside 3D animation tool of your choice:
-Create a rigged character.
-Create all animations you need
-Export to fbx

Inside unity:
-Import fbx file
-Configure an avatar for your character (not needed but recommended for humanoid characters)
-Create an animator controller
-Attach the animator controller to the animator component of the game object of your terrorist
-Write a script that sets parameters of the animator

and watch this: Unity Connect

Although creating ones own animation is always preferred - to get the EXACT look you want in your game - an alternative is to make sure the rig conforms to the humanoid rig structure in Unity. If it does - you can look for and find mocap or previously created animations that fits your look - and retarget that animation onto your terrorist model.

The same steps apply after you have performed the retargeting as @gotard explained. If you need more info on retargeting and the humanoid rig, review the related topics in the link he provided.