I have a sphere and a mesh (roulette table). Physics doesn't work.

As in the title. I made a video about it! No matter what i do (i tryed messing with the frictions, bounciness, drag and so on) the ball bounces forever. The end result is for it to behave like a roulette table if it wasn’t obvious. Any ideas anyone?

Is there any bounce on either phsysics material? It seems like it is bouncing from a poorly configured phsysics material. We woudl need to see code and configuration to know for sure. Do you have any scripts that add force to the ball? If you add force, you need to keep in consideration that the ball is rotating, and what was forward force on the ball. may be up, or even backwards. If that is the case, you may need to nest gameobjects and keep the parent from rotating, while the child (ball) rolls.

Ok give this a try. I’ve increased your scale by 50. I’ve added the Mouse Orbit script to your Camera and fixed it’s view so you can see the roulette table in the Game View. I’ve added physical materials to your ball and wheel, and a bit of drag to your ball to make it stop.

You will want to build your wheel out of primitive colliders if you want to spin(move) it later. Mesh colliders are not for moving unless set to convex(and convex will not suit the roulette wheel). Use multiple Box colliders as children of one root object(this must have the rigidbody on it, none of the children should!). Hope this helps to get you started, let me know if you have any problems un-zipping at your end.