I have an animated character that's going to ride a bike, but how do I put one leg behind and one leg in front of the bike in Unity 2D?

Hi! I am working on a 2D mobile game, where you try to balance a unicycle. However, there’s one thing that I cannot quite find a solution to, because I’m kind of a newbie. So I have a rigged animation for my character, and a unicycle with a wheel joint. Naturally, I want one leg at one side, and the other one at the other side. But how can you achieve this? Is there a way to put the limbs on different layers? Thanks in advance.

You can use sprite sorting order for that. Have the leg behind the wheel be 0, the wheel be 1 and the rest of the character be 2 for example. Of course that would require the character to be split in a couple of different parts.

Also don’t forget that the background layers would need to be set to < 0.