I have been struggling with a GUI window with table data for over a week now. What am I doing wrong?

Hi All,

Can anybody solve this problem. I struck from last one week. But i can’t get any solution.
in unity c# arrays not possible to develop i here.

My task is, In simple pendulum when ever i drag the bob and leave, after some time the pendulum stops. On that case i want to update a table. Depending on that values i will compare.

for any doubts and please see this link:

in that wrote code like this:

  void DoMyWindow3(int windowID)
 GUI.Label(new Rect(0,0,400,100), " Length Timeperiod Angle "       +StripeValue+""+Pendulum2.Timeperiod +""+Pendulum2.count ,fontstyle);


How can i implement logic for table. thing here is when ever user leaves the bob that will stop at one time on that case the values will update in to that window.
please give me any code suggestions or any tutorials or any thing.

If u want full project see this link:


hey please help me. At almost one week over. but my task will not go front.

I think I’ve posted the answer to this on your other question How will i update my table values every time? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions