I have lots of lag in my game while testing, the graphics aren't insane though. How do I fix this?

When testing my game I have like 0.5 FPS which is really bad, it certainly isn’t my computer because when I tested with the default level in the pack I am using (PostApo) it worked fine and didn’t lag at all. However when I test in my own level, it lags like crazy, I have even copied all the buildings (no scrips or lightning or terrain) to a different level but it still lagged, I find this weird because the buildings didn’t lag in the default level. So how do I fix this? Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, you are doing something wrong. Not using the profiler.

Technically, it’s always your computer that’s the problem, just saying. But it is a good idea to optimize your game and try to get as close as possible to making your game run on a slower machine.

If the graphics are only a tad bit developed and yet they’re still too demanding, you’re either using a snail as a CPU or you’re doing something wrong as a developer.

Consider the following:

  • Your hardware specs
  • What you’re trying to do/what the game is doing graphics-wise.
  • Alternative ways of accomplishing any GFX that may be faster than what you’re using.
  • If something other than the graphics can be optimized.
  • What the profiler says.