I have not received replies to my questions in here since July of 2015 - Is that typical?

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Do I need to tag individuals to get replies? If so, who do I tag @username?

I see other people usually get a response almost immediately after asking a question.

???Should I be using Unity Forum instead???

There’s nothing you need to do other than ask a well-formed, polite question, and hope that another user has experienced the same problem and can offer a solution.

Obviously, if it’s a very specific problem you’ve encountered, the chances of that happening are slim. You can always update your question by adding a comment with any new information you’ve since discovered or solutions you’ve tried yourself.

If you think you’ve actually discovered a bug in Unity, you should report this to Unity via the bug reporter, not here. The Forums are when you want to ask for more subjective “opinion-based” advice rather than specific technical answers.

It can very much vary depending on what you question was and how specific you were. I just posted a question the other day and it was at the very least replied to. Mind linking your question so I can give it a shot?