I have some question + Need help for make a TCG

Hi everybody, thank you for click in my topic :)

So i have some question :

  • Unity is a good engine for making a TCG? (I want my TCG was rly like Hearstone)

  • It's Hard to make a TCG in unity?:face_with_spiral_eyes:

  • Exist other programs/engine, created for make TCG game? (whit multiplayer possibility)

  • Iam french, i want to make my game french and english (1 for my country + canadian ppl/some belgium...ect) and 1 for international, it's easy to do that? (or only english :/ ?)

And iam totally beginner in Unity, so, i need someone for help me to make this game, so if someone is interested, iam ok ! join me ;)

ps : I can pay everything, copyright for music/image (for the card or call help from a artist) Multiplayer Server (i think i will take a server from OVH)


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Hearthstone was made with Unity.

By Blizzard. A company that's been producing successful games since before I could play games. Not saying you can't do it. Just don't expect blizzards production values on your first game.


Ya, seriously this. Blizzard is a huge company with VERY talented programmers. Do not expect anything like hearthstone, especially your first game. Try working on pac man or pong. They are harder than you may think...

'Can I make X game genre in Unity'
Whats stopping you?

95% of unity game was fps/3fps/adventure game

oh, Hearstone was made whit unity wow, blizzard got talents !!
I don't wanna make a copy of hearstone i just want made a TCG whit this simple things :
-Illuminate+zoom when mouse is on a card
- The 'hand effect' like this pics : http://prntscr.com/6115n5
only that, i don't see any tutorials or fonctionality/script for do this :/
i think the other things is not hard to do, (card creation, some stuff in my TCG like charge, buff on card ...ect)


the things you've listed are just "shiny" things...

Since this is a Trading Card Game, you can easily design your game on Paper and Pencil.
Balance. Gameplay. Difficulty. Tactics.

Once you have the core functionality, then apply it into unity.


I seem to remember this asset beeing on sale a while back. I have never used it though - but since you mention TCG: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18184 (though from pictures it seems more like magic the gathering than heartstone ;))

it's already done, but iam rly beginner in unity and i don't know how apply it into unity, i don't see any tutorials or other :/
and iam solo to do that (my best friend is rly enjoyed by my paper game, but he doesn't have any experience in gamemaking or javascript (me i have a little,but a rly little lol ^^)

thanks you ;) But it's rly expensive, and 90$ for only this... Lulz
if only blizzard sell the hearstone package XD i can it 1million of dollars XD

It took me about a year to make my TCG client, and I've been using Unity for over a decade.

you have clearly no idea what you are talking about :)

Ninety dollars is what, 3 or 4 hours wages for a programmer? If the asset does half the things it says it does then coding it from scratch would take far longer then that.

Iam learning Javascript for that.

maybe, i just want create a little own TCG for my, some friend and everybody in this world who want play it, this is why i want make him on internet.

np for the help, i will create my own, in single, like everytime ;)

Make Pong first, then post a link for us to play your game here.

If you think that is expensive, then I don't know how you expect to afford actual content.

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I still have no idea what a TCG is.

Edit: halfway through the thread, *trading card game.

I remember this thread from every two weeks or so since I've been active on these forums.

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That doesnt disprove what I said at all. Most games are FPS (not sure if thats true), but it doesnt mean strategy games are impossible, or extremely hard to make does it.

People always say this, I dont understand. My games I make on a budget of £15, which is mostly spent on Domino's and cider

Are you fucking rich?
75$ pro version (just ..wow.. but np it's forever and i can create infinite type of game)
+ Lot of assets is not free, lot of rly nice assets is expensive, REALLY expensive (50$+)
and just for 1, ONE tcg, is for you 'only 95$'? lmao

ok it's not rly expensive, buy me pro version + the assets so. because for you it's a little price :)
proove me it