I have to set a Collider[] to Collider - what do?

I have searched almost the entire Unity Answers for a similar questio. Unity script refference and google havent helped me either. But I get this really wierd error:

Script error: OnTriggerEnter
This message parameter has to be of type: Collider
The message will be ignored.

I’m sure this is a really easy fix, but I really have no clue how to fix it though.

here’s a snippet of my code:

Well…the variable names might be a bit hard to understand. also I really suck at commenting while I write.

void OnTriggerEnter (Collider other)
	if(other.transform.tag == "TriggerCube")
		cubeScript = other.GetComponent<CubeStateScript>();
		if(cubeScript.myColor == transform.tag)
			//award The player with his points
			scoreScript.points = scoreScript.points + maxScore;
			other.renderer.material.shader = shader2;
			delta = Time.timeSinceLevelLoad;
			other1Gobject = other.gameObject;
			other.rigidbody.useGravity = false;
			other1 = other;
			shaderChange = true;
			otherParticle.emit = true;

void Update ()
	if(shaderChange == true)
		other1.renderer.material.SetFloat("_SliceAmount", 0.0f + Mathf.Lerp(0.0f , 1.0f, (Time.timeSinceLevelLoad - delta) *0.5f));
		lightIntensity = other1.light.intensity;
		other1.light.intensity = Mathf.Lerp(lightIntensity , 0.0f, (Time.time - delta) *0.5f);
		if(other1.renderer.material.GetFloat("_SliceAmount") == 1.0f)
			other1Gobject.collider.enabled = false;
			other1Gobject.particleEmitter.emit = false;
			cubeScript.waitTillIDie = true;
			shaderChange = false;


OnTriggerEnter is called multiple times (once for each collider hit) - it takes a single collider so drop your foreach loop and make the parameter of type Collider.