I havent got GUI on screen :-(

When I am runnig this game, i have on screen only my player. I havent got any rotation button, or class selection buttons. I havent got idea, what is wrong with my script. I am sending my scripts to pastebin and if u can help me ^^. PS: CreateNewCharacter script is good, i have everything. But My CreateAPlayerGUI is wrong.






Annex join as guest at the displays and what is with me.

This is his game:

And this is mine:

@KochamMaslo Hello there.

OK, I check your script (the one makes the GUI), and there’s one little mistake:

// Instead this
void onGUI() {
    // Here goes your code.

// Is this
void OnGUI() {
    // Here goes your code.

That’s because the first method looks like it’s your definition, and the other one is the Unity definition, and remember, all the Unity definitions (methods-functions) start with Uppercase, cheers.