i havent pro that means i cannot play videos?

i want to make a intro fr my game. i dont want make it on an object. i just want to show full screen video, need pro?

You can't play a video stream using Unity Free, but you can give the illusion of playing a video. Use ffmpeg to rip the video to an audio stream and a jpeg image per frame. Load these frames one at a time from the file system (you can use the WWW interface with a "file://" URL) and display them on a texture, switching from frame to frame at the appropriate playback speed. I've used this technique to display quarter-screen videos at 30 frames/second, and fullscreen at 15 frames/second.

Not ideal, but it's cheap.

If people are interested let me know and I'll post more details to the wiki.

Yes, you need Pro.

Depending on what you are doing, you may be able to animate the entire video in Unity's animation system as a scene, and display that then tell it to go to the next scene for the game when it's done.