I install Unity web player, but i still can't play my game

On Dreamworks Dragons Wild skies game A thing comes up saying ‘‘Unity web player Install now’’ so I install it, after I do, it still says the same thing and wont let me play! I have installed it many times now and it wont let me! I really want to play my game. HELP!

If you are usin Chrome, Unity Web Player is not supported anymore. You can try it with another browser like FireFox or Opera and it will work. If you are still getting this problem, maybe you have to download and reinstall the Web Player directly from Unity’s web page. Link below…


Try another browser? Did you restart the browser? I had problems with chrome at one point, but seems to be working fine these days.

I have had this problem also with internet explorer so I just when to Mozilla Fire Fox and it seems to be working ok. Try another browser! :slight_smile:

Just get Mozilla Firefox and make sure u have the right adobe flash player , worked for me

Make sure you actually go through the process of installing it an turning it on in your browser.