I just can't get RequiredComponent to work

I’ve been working on converting an asset from JS to C# and the last piece I’m stuck on is the implementation of the RequiredComponent code.

The asset has classes for things like Character, Item, Inventory. Those various scripts should have a [RequiredComponent(Item)] for example, but the class could just as easily be Character, Inventory, or many of the others. None of them work. I just get an error:

“‘Item’ is a type, which is not valid in the given context”

I’ve tried rewriting it every way I can think, [RequiredComponent(typeof(Item))], [RequiredComponent(“Item”)], [RequiredComponent(GetComponent())], and many many more.

I’ve spent hours on this now and it’s the last thing I need to work through to finish. So I’m really hoping someone has some insight…

Thanks for reading!

It is Require not Required. example [RequireComponent (typeof (Rigidbody))]

Sorry that was a mistype here, I have it typed correctly in my program. The only error is trying to pass in one of my classes as a parameter.