I just discovered unity, How can i get started?

Hi! I have recently discovered this wonderful website Unity. It looks amazing! id love to make the kind of stuff that could get on Steam or just the PS3 let alone. I would like to be a Game Developer when im older and i got a lot of years ahead of me so i may as well start now.

But the question is, Where do i start?

I see most of it is coded in C# and i looked at some of the tutorials, and they jump around or they all differ so it gets rather confusing. Can someone lead me off in the right direction so i can get started making my games?


So on YouTube there is BurgZerg Arcade! He is great for getting you started!
Personally c# is stronger in all areas but can get pretty complicated.
JavaScript is a great starter but do your best to get into C# as it is a AAA Industry standard if you plan on going into pro.
But I don’t want to be downer but Game Development is not like the industry makes it out to be, especially without the company because you usually start out not knowing many people and its hard to get out there as in quality without good team or trained skills. So don’t expect your first “release” to get onto steam or PSN.
But with plenty practice and some dedication you can reach whatever you want to.

tornado twins was a big help for me. you should check it out.