i just installed unity and this happened first time :( any help :(

hello good morning ! from PH , i just installed unity and this happens ,

my spec is
i3 3rd gen
8gb ram
gtx 760
windows 10 pro 64bit

here are somethings that i did

i tryied to reintall unity, disable and enable gpu , uninstall gpu, try to run editor using dedicated gpu . still not fix


I'm running an almost identical spec here and using onboard HD4000 gpu without problems. Clearly a dated spec but it's managing better than expected truth be told. Have you tried the onboard gpu? Clearly the GTX is the better option but just to home in on driver problems.

hello tom ! good morning , just an update to this topic . the problem is about the windows 10 1800+ update which will cause your unity to be SUPER BUGGY , i fix the issue by reformatting your pc , then [DONT UPDATE YOUR WINDOWS 10 YET] install unity , make sure it is running smoothly ! if everything is working fine . then go update the unity so that you can install the other extention and programs .