I know multiplayer works, but how advanced can I get it?

I want to make a tab that you click and a server list pops up. To make a server, you hit a create server button and it creates one and people with internet anywhere can see it and get on. Can this happen?


If you are trying to use Unity’s networking example, then you may only have 1 server runs by the master. What this means is, you could only create one server that people connect to it. However, once the master who create the server logs out or disconnects, the whole server shuts down. So in your case, you need a server that runs 24/7 whether you are online or not (the creator of the server). Then you need to set up you GUI texture and apply the networking actions to it. I honestly do not know anything about GUI or I would have helped. Then you could get your server from http://www.smartfoxserver.com/. It comes with a service for Unity users and Smartfox basic is free. I hope this helped.

Follow this tutorial, I tried to do what you wanted to and this tutorial done exactly what I wanted. CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Help - CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Feedback