I making a 2D game and my character use some PowerUps to change his form, how can I program that event or what I need to do to make something like that happen?

For example, Mario in his games use the Tanooki suits to transform into Mario Tanooki. How Can I do that? I new in Unity, thanks!

I was gonna do something similar for my Equipment sys. I think the simplest solution that gives you the best control is to have the Player object as usual and make multiple movement/power scripts, have them all deactivated in your player except for the common movement script. Then when you get a power up, in the powerup script, use:

GameObject.Find("Player").GetComponent<YourMovementScript>().enabled = false;

And then:

GameObject.Find("Player").GetComponent<YourPowerUpScript>().enabled = true;

Or just use a movement script that is the base and only use the last one I gave you so you enable like addons to your player.

I understand :o Thank you It was truly helpful! :smiley: