i need a help in script to move while he is animation?

i meant by that when i like, press w he moves forward and a animation of running plays how do i do that ,can you tell me how and what script should i write please put a bit of explaining thnx :slight_smile:

Haha i like OrangeLightning answear but il tell you a lit bit more…
I sugeest you to use blender . First when you will se blender you wont undestand anything but anyway there are hundreds of tutorials.
After lets say making your char you need to make frames in blender.
Ok…after that you need to imprt it like a animated thingy on you unity 3d project.
Good.Now make a script that i dont know how to do it…Just ask this guys with scripting.

The first step is to learn how to break it all down into logical steps. Then you can search for answers to how to complete those specific steps. For this though I’ll leave a hint: The “W” key is what will activate both the movement and the animation. In its simplest form, your animation is going to be free of the character’s motion, and vice versa. Soooooo… start by looking up how to catch keyboard input. Thennnnnn… search for how to move Gameobjects. Nextttt… find out how to start and stop animations. Etc.

Most of the folks I have encountered on here aren’t terribly thrilled with questions like yours because it’s not specific enough, and most of the information is already available here. Good luck though in learning.