i need a player car script can you help?

i am new with unity scripting and was trying to figure out how to make a player car, eg. a fps game and want to add drivable cars.

I would open up the asset store, do so by holding CTRL and pressing 9 while in the Unity Editor, download the car tutorial aswell as the FPS Tutorial. After studying both of these I would combine them together… using your own terrain of-course. Create a key-press event that checks for the distance between the player and the Model of the car, if it’s within a certain distance, delete the car model, and change the model of the player to the car. That’s just the basic idea in my eyes, today is my first day with unity so I can’t help much, but I would think that you could change the scripts that are activated via other scripts aswell, although I’m not sure. If that’s the case then I’d activate the acceleration and sound scripts that are provided in the Car tutorial.