I need a random range between 4 set Vector 3 Positions

I’ve been trying to create a “dont touch the white tile” clone, and I have everything in place except for the locations for the instansiated prefabs. I have 4 rows of 4 for my “blocks”.

I want the prefabs to be instansiated at the 4 different possible Vector3 locations at random. It doesn’t look like Random.Range will allow me to do such a thing. Any ideas?

You could store the 4 vectors in an array, then create a int var random range to chose 0-3 of the array, and insert that array vector instantiate position.

Do you just mean that the 4x4 board has 16 possible spaces, and you want to pick 4 out of those 16 ?

If so, just think of it as picking 4 integers from 0-15. Make a size-16 array with 0-15, shuffle it, and pick the first 4. Then you can divide by 4 to get the row and column.

The Vector3 part comes after. Use the row and column to compute it. Ex: Vector3 pos = new Vector3(row*2, 1, -col*2); // tiles are 2x2, top view of board, +col is towards me