I need help.I made a house in a blender and i transfered it into unity.But in unity that house is glitching and my character can pass trough that house.

House is glitching in unity and doors are to small.
And one more question how to corretly transfer an object from blender to unity.

I normally use Maya3D but have used Blender a few times.

  1. Typically, the collisions for complex shapes are done within Blender (rather than attaching a box collider inside of unity). This would be why your player can run straight through the object.

  2. You need to set the unit size to meters and keep an eye on the model scale (should be 1, 1, 1). By doing this you can ensure a 2 meter high object in Blender will be 2 meters in Unity. (ie: doors)

  3. “Glitching” is kind of generic and could be anything without more detail. You might have applied the textures wrong, the lightmapping could be wrong… or the model itself could have problems with faces/extrusions etc.

Your best bet would be to follow some simple blender tutorials for the “best practice” tips.

Normally you just export it as a .fbx and load it into Unity. Then load the textures (colour, spec, diffuse, displacement etc) in order to create a new custom material(s) used for the house.

if you want something a little simpler use ProBuilder, ProGrid and PolyBrush (all free tools in the unity store) for building models ingame