I NEED HELP PLSSS....MY FBX -AFTER IMPORTED FROM DAZ STUDIO- APPEARS DARK IN UNITY,How to fix an FBX shaded black -even with materials included- (FBX exported from DAZ studio)

Hey, gamedevs!
I have been on this problem for almost a month now and it is hindering my progress on the game I am developing. I recently started using DAZ Studio for modelling characters and I have created a series of them now. But after all the hard work at DAZ Studio, importing the FBX file of my character to unity is a huge one! I have successfully imported the character to my scene but the model appears dark in some areas as shown below…177869-screenshot-265.png

I cross-checked the FBX file on different 3d platforms, it turned out good. This is how the model appeared in DAZ studio (where I modelled it)

I’ve checked a lot of forums and tutorials on how to solve this problem but I have not gotten a solution.
The materials applied on each part of the models appear good individually, but on putting them on the model, they appear black. I have also fiddled with the lighting of the scene; none seem to work. Please I need help to continue on this project…on my kneessss!
I appreciate in advance…

A poster…'Lurking-Ninja" posted this link in another thread…

Good luck with it. Hope it helps.
I found when I was using Poser and exporting characters to Unity, they did need a lot of material editing. You know…setting trans maps correctly and bump maps etc.
Quite an ordeal and still so. I haven’t tried Lurking-Ninja’s link. Let us know how you get on. All the best.