I need help with loading in a model to unity (I am new),I can’t drag my model into the sample scene in unity can someone help me? :(

So I wanted to start uploading models to vrchat and today I took a base model that I liked, so I added the model took the folder and everything I needed to do so now I have it in unity. But my main problem is I don’t know how to show the model like I don’t know where to put the model I heard you are supposed to put it in a new folder (which I did) and then something about placing the model in the sample scene place I tried doing that but it only shows me a crossed circle I would very much appreciate if someone could explain to me how I can import the model so I can see it on the scene!,So I’m new to unity and I wanna start making vrchat avatars but I took a model from sketchfab and I made a folder for it the model and then I try to drag it into the sample scene it won’t work it only shows a crossed circle I tried to make a new one and it still didn’t work can someone please help me how to import this model I’ve been trying all day and I’d really appreciate some advice!

sağ tık ‘new import new asset’ denediniz mi ?
dosya şeklinde değil sadece fbx modelin kendisini almayı deneyin.