I need help with my spawning system(SOLVED)

I am trying to make a spawning system based on time and exact positions, i made something but the problem that i have is that when i break 2 or more game objects at the same time, or even in quick succesion there is a spot that remains empty.

The spawner that i am trying to make works like this, there is a game object at a set location for example vector3(-1,0.25,0) and when i click that game object i would like it to be destroyed and after a set ammount of seconds for example 0.5f and spawn at the same location another random game object .

EDIT: I managed to fix the problem using the queue method , if anybody is intrested i could post an example of my code.

You could use a coroutine for it, I guess. Something along the lines of:

IEnumerator DestroyEnemy(GameObject enemy)
    var pos = enemy.pos;
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.5f);

You can call it like so: