I need help with NI Mate

I have just installed your trial version of your software to see how it works and if it can help me on some up coming projects. I am trying to set up the non pro version of unity to work with NI Mate but i am unsure where i can find the file /usr/lib so i can get it working. If someone could give me a little more detail on this step that would be great.

This is all NI Mate has of there wed site

“If you don’t have Unity Pro the Plugins folder is not supported. In this case you have to copy the plugin file for your platform to an external location:
copy DelicodeUnityLibrary.bundle to /usr/lib and rename it to libDelicodeUnityLibrary.bundle”

im getting a script error

/usr/lib/ is nothing to do with Unity; its an OSX folder in the root of your file system. Because /usr/ is a hidden folder in OSX it won’t show by default, but you should be able to jump straight to it by opening a Finder window, pressing command + g and pasting the path into the dialogue box.

I’ve no experience with NI Mate so I’m not sure if that will solve your problem though.

Also, this is a mostly-community managed website, so its not really “our” software. We’re just users, like yourself :wink: (Although there are a few Unity-affiliated people around)