I need help with raycasts and with color of gameobject [SOLVED]

So i am creating my second game and I want this game to be finished.
I am creating a 3d Game.
My player is a stationary object and he is looking at a cube.
So the cube is on the ground and the cube is changing colors from red to green. I want to make my player lose if he clicks on the cube while the color of the cube is red.
I Have been trying for ages and I can’t find a fix to this problem.
I’m using raycasts because i think this will be the easiest way but i just can’t get the script to work.
I hope that is all the information i needed to give.
Im open to all suggestions on how to do this without raycasts and with something else.

You can do a simple thing like this:

public class CubeStatus : MonoBehaviour
      public bool isGreen = false;
      void SwapColor(bool green)
            // Change color material
            isGreen = green;

In this way you’ve saved the state of the cube.

Where you do the Raycast, add a reference for the CubeStatus component:

public class RaycastShooter : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] CubeStatus status; // Assign it in the inspector

    public void Shoot()
        RaycastHit hit;
        if (Physics.Raycast(rayOrigin, forwardVect, out hit, range))
            if (hit.transform.CompareTag("TheCube"))
                if (status.isGreen)
                    // we've hit good
                    // game over               

Look that in this case the Cube must have the tag “TheCube”, otherwise it will not pass the if condition.

maybe you try

if(hit.gameobject.meshrender.sharedmaterial.color == color.green)
//do stuff

Thank you both for your answers here :). @silvematt @dahiyabunty1
Setting booleans is such a obvious thing to do idk why I didn’t do it tho:/.
I will try both solutions today and I will let you know what works for me.
I have a problem with the first script tho.
So on the first script when I change the color of the cube won’t it stay the same color all the time?
Right now Im using coroutines for the color changing on the cube beacuse I want it constantly to be changed not only one time.
The second script is good thank you:)