I Need help with trees colliding

Trees do not collide with player , how to fix this?

for the mouse cursor, try this:

// Hide the cursor
Screen.showCursor = false;

collide with trees: If you use the terrain engine and create trees on the terrain, there is the option "Create Tree Colliders" Link Unity Documentation: Trees

If you create your own trees and import them, you could add mesh colliders or a simple geometry collider like a capsule collider. Check this documentation link where it mentions colliders.


You are correct that the standard palm tree out of the box doesn't work for me either. The following worked for me though:

Import a tree which you would like to place on your terrain. Apply a capsule collider to it (according to the tree collider link above, only capsule colliders work for this). Convert the object to a prefab. Select the prefab as a tree for your terrain and place it. I couldn't really do the same with the standard palm tree that comes with your unity install, because it wouldn't let me add a capsule collider to the palm prefab. But hey, you might wanna create your own beautiful trees anyways.