i need Spawn Object loop if find object tag ("Clone") in list ,when i delete find object tag ,cript is good but no find object, please help me

var spawnPoints : Transform; // Array of spawn points to be used.
var enemyPrefabs : GameObject; // Array of different Enemies that are used.
var amountEnemies = 20; // Total number of enemies to spawn.
// Don’t exceed this amount of time between spawning enemies randomly.

function Start(){

function Update(){
if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire2")) {

        	enemyPrefabs= GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Clone");
function Spawn(){ 
   for (i=0; i<amountEnemies; i++){ // How many enemies to instantiate total
       // How long to wait before another enemy is instantiated.

      var obj : GameObject = enemyPrefabs[Random.Range(0, enemyPrefabs.length)]; // Randomize the different enemies to instantiate.
      var pos: Transform = spawnPoints[Random.Range(0, spawnPoints.length)];  // Randomize the spawnPoints to instantiate enemy at next.

      Instantiate(obj, pos.position, pos.rotation); 

put the GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“Clone”); before the Spawn() call, and add a validation:

if(enemyPrefabs.lenght > 0)