I need step by step tutorials on every facet of making an RPG.

im compleetly new to unity and have been using it for designing landscapes thus far i now wish to convert the world i have created into a small first person rpg game i wish to code in C sharp (c#) as i have a very louse understanding of it allready i need some tutorials to allow me to do the following,

1: place a charicter in game (and be able to move him)

2: place NPC’s in game/ allow player to enteract

3: an inventory system for player (pic up, drop, combine iteams, equip)

4: abbility to have scripted quests (player may talk to a NPC and receve a quest to compleet)

5: Ai combat

6: loading via triggers (player clicks on house “loading screen” player is inside house)

7: health for player and npc charicters

i have tryed some tutorials but i a few learnig difficaltys and find it very hard to read and understand peoples exsplinations any video tutorials and or step by step writen will be gratly appreacheated

Thank you…Ryan

He explains step by step how to do.
Prety good tutorial if you ask me.