I need to alter the vector alignment of an object

I have a label in my GameObject. The label its reversed to it Blue forward direction. I rotate the label in the editor and the vector directions rotate with it. This means the object is locked with its vector direction at all times. I want to unlock this communion, rotate the label 180 then lock the vectors back in place so that the forward direction is looking at the reader of the label… Or the label is always facing forward towards the user to be read. Other cad packages allow this but I can not seem to find in it in UNITY3d.
Thank you.

There is no such feature in Unity. It would solve a lot of problems if there were. You will find an editor script at the following link that I wrote for another question. It takes whatever rotation and scale the object is currently in, and creates a clone of that object with rotation(0,0,0) and scale (1,1,1). After placing the script in the Editor folder, rotate and scale your object to however you want it to appear, select your object in the hierarchy, and pick RotateMesh from the Windows menu.