I need to call a C# function from Javascript...

I need to write and read config from a external file, the problem is... The function that write changes in the file is written (evidently) in C#, but the GUI script that calls the C# function is written in Js... If I call it like a Js function not works...

c# function is here: (Writer.cs)

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;
using System.IO;

public class Writer : MonoBehaviour {

    private FileInfo theSourceFile = null;
    private StreamWriter writer = null;
    private string sPath = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("HOMEDRIVE") 
    + System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("HOMEPATH");
    // Function that saves the settings in the config file...
    public void write (int resWidth, int resHeight, int Quality) {
        if (Application.platform != RuntimePlatform.OSXWebPlayer &&
            Application.platform != RuntimePlatform.WindowsWebPlayer){
            if (File.Exists(sPath + "/VHconfig.txt")){
                Debug.Log("Configuration file found in " + sPath + "/VHconfig.txt" + ". Deleting...");
                File.Delete(sPath + "/VHconfig.txt");               
            theSourceFile = new FileInfo (sPath + "/VHconfig.txt");
            writer = theSourceFile.CreateText();

Is called from Js here:

Writer.write(changedResWidth, changedResHeight, changedQuality);

Any way to call it from Js??

Thanks a lot.

JS files are compiled before C# files, so I'm going to make the assumption that you are getting a warning something to the effect "Script doesn't exist" seeing as you haven't provided the exact problem here. The way you're calling it should be right.

To get the C# script compiled before the JS script, place the C# script into the Standard Assets folder. Scripts inside this folder are compiled before scripts in any other folders you make, with the except of a few other special folders. You can find the full compilation order information [here][1].