I need to hack my PC built game .assets files - but how?

Here’s the story:

I accidently replaced a prefab with another prefab object, and then I had to redo everything to make it just like it was before, but I’m having trouble with that.

I used that backup restore Windows 7 thing, but unfortunately it doesn’t affect any documents.

I have a whole archive of PC built unity games of it, before the prefab was screwed up.

My question is that: is it possible to decode/hack into the .assets file or whatever, and retrieve that prefab again? is it possible to hack/decode asset files? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions talked about it, but they didn’t tell me how to actually do it.

I have no clue how to recreate it, and my archive PC-Built games have my prefab when it was working correctly.

It’s not possible, sorry; the information necessary does not exist in a build. You should make sure you have an effective backup solution.