I need to integrate my unity project into my current xcode project

Actually I have my Xcode application. In that application I need to show the 3-d model which is not feasible directly in Xcode. So we are using unity for this purpose. As I have the knowledge of unity too so I import that 3-d model in unity and create the animation there after that creating the build for Xcode. It works on correctly on Iphone device separately when I make the build directly from Unity on Iphone. But I really don’t have any idea how to integrate that unity project into our Xcode project.

please provide some useful blogs for this purpose asap.


There are plenty of internet examples of people doing the same sort of thing. This seems like a good place to start, even if it is a bit old:


Unity Support

Hi Dan ,

Thanks for the reply,

I had already followed that link provided by you but problem arises when I wants launch the storyboard first and creating separate Appdelegate and giving its reference in main.m file. But in this file we are unable to launch our own custom storyboard.

So please suggest the proper ways how to launch storyboard first in the xcode build created after unity build and after that in between I can easily switch to unity and xcode.

Priyanka Tyagi