I need to keep my shots from colliding with my pickups

I keep pushing forward on adding to the space shooter tutorial. I now have a weapon pickup and a health pickup that spawn when an asteroid is destroyed. The problem is the shots fired from my ship collide with the pickups and sends both the shot and the pickup flying in random directions. I’ve attached this script to the shot:

void OnTriggerEnter (Collider other) {

		if (other.tag == "Capsule") {

So what am I doing wrong?

Both the pickup collider and the shot collider are not set to isTrigger thus you get a physics reaction when they collide.

If you do not want the shot to apply force to anything it hits, then you want to set its collider to IsTrigger=true.

Until you do this, it is also true that OnTriggerEnter will not get called, On CollisionEnter will get called instead.