I need to learn unity scripting

I can understand unity script.I know c,c++,and c sharp in a basic level.I learned c upto pointers.
I am an artist.but I am not able to do the script alone.I did a small game ,its working fine.Most of the code I edited and and copy pasted.
but I need to learn the script properly.Can anyone help to learn this things in a proper way,so that I can make script with out any issue.

My favourite site for learning Unity scripting, with a set of easy to follow short videos…


Check out 3DBuzz’s tutorials on unity- they’re pretty good from what I hear.

Also, check out burgzergarcade.

Also, obligatory :).

Really those will slightly help you but what will guarantee that you learn scripting in unity well is the Unity Scripting Reference. Considering that you have a fair grasp on other languages you should have a basic understand on programing and should be able to pick this up quick.

Everything is explained inside it, all you need to learn is how to piece it all together which is simple.

I am an artist myself and have solely learned from the Scripting Reference and the good fellows here at Unity Answers. I had a previous background in C in a basic level.

Best thing about it, it is free :slight_smile:


Thank you so much