I need to prevent my scroll bar from moving the camera behind the panel

I have an interactive map which is fully working and you use the mouse to zoom/pan/rotate around the map. However, when I have a panel on the screen over the top with a scroll bar on - using the scroll bar moves the screen behind. I have timescale set to 0 but this doesn’t prevent the movement. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

I’m assuming you are using the pointer screen delta position to pan around the interactive map when a mouse drag happens, aren’t you? which can’t be blocked by the panel. In that case, my suggestion is to use UnityEvent on the scroll to detect PointerDown/PointerUp events to disable/enable the script that controls the map movements accordingly.

What I normally do is I set up my canvas to have a transparent image that covers the full screen under all my other components. I can then have this image consume events such as click, drag and scroll and then affect my map display accordingly.
(You can use an event trigger component to do this or write a custom script that implements the necessary IOnXXXHandlers).

Do the same thing and hook up your callbacks to your zoom/pan/rotate functions.
(eg: OnDrag can be hooked up to your pan function, OnScroll to your zoom, etc)

Now, since your both your overlay panel AND the map controls are part of the same canvas, you won’t have trouble with the scrollbar affecting your map display.

Hope that helps!